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Three things you can't  take away from the Luos

 There are three things you can't  take away from the Luos:

That is to say: Their fish, their Raila, and their Kisumo Sity. Unless you are so paranoid not to know when it's appropriate  to poke your little nose into the jeng's business. It just mean, "you wish your nose was broken."

People always want to know  who is Ja-Luo  anyway? I just told you " they are an organic genera diospyros of six million whose characteristic is a phlegma of obscurities  never been understood by anybody else. I would not encourage you  to dig into the aphorisms that constitutes Ja-Luos characteristics, never.

If you want to know what keeps Agikuyu out of bed, I mean, Kikuyus always wish if there were never  been Kenyans, it is a Mnjaruo. Luos are Kikuyus night mare. Ask any Kikuyu what scares him most  second to death? He will tell you, Ja-Luo. If you can get these egocentricists out of my way, I would give you anything you want.

But Ja-Luo is too smart! Ja-Luo knows how he scares the hell out other ethnics. But he doesn't mind. He understands what worries them. Ja-luo already know because he is the greatest, he is the smartest, and he is unbwogable. So these other ethnics creeps  in at night. Unless we trick Ja-lous, we can't beat them.

In the old days, they could not beat him in anyway possible, so they tricked him with a beautiful woman. They told him,  "let's make a covenant, take our most beautiful daughter, mary her and let's become relatives". Well, Ja-luo thought! Mmmmm ???? If you want   peace, I'm for peace, we can make peace, I love peace.

The only thing Lwanda Magere didn't know, it was a trick to kill him. When the woman found out where his strength is in his shadow, she escaped, went back to her people and told them how to kill Ja-Luo. It is in his shadow. Don't fight him physically, just fight his shadow. That way, they got Ja-Luo.  Jaluo, said well... only if you didn't use tricks, you would   have not beaten me. But still,  here in Kenya, I'm  "ungoyable" meaning, can't be goyod, unbeatable.

Second time,  they tricked Ja-Luo again. However, Ja-luo knows all this... don't think he is stupid. Ja-luo wonders, " why do I have to to be the one scaring Kenyans like this." Let me just act as tho' I'm stupid and see how these tricks work?. This is got to be interesting. Let me have fun with it. After all I have nothing to lose. I'm the giant. I just want  to let them know even the giant can sometimes be  harmless, don't act scared... we can work together.

What are you scared of?  Well, they told him...." you know Ja-luo wewe, you are  really  so scary, we watched you when you arrived here from Sudan, you were a gladiator, you waged the battle like crazy- east, west and within a twinkling of any eye, you had the lake region for your self. You scared the hell out of us." But now, if you can help us get rid of these mbemberus (colonialists) Kenya is going to be marwa together. Really?  Hell yeah! So Jaramogi says " what the heck?"  Let's do it.

By the way, Jaramogi knew all these tricks... but a Lion is always cool. You don't want to scare the Orix of out of the grazing field. Let me just be nice to them, let me adopt them. We can work it out anyway. At night,  while the Lion is sleeping, Orixes are having a fraudulent meeting, "let's gloat their intelligence to sprout our political goals" then we can always lock them out. You don't want to give these people any chance, they can eat us. We will be  their supper. 

Finally, Ja-Luos were locked out of Kenya's mainstream politics with a dead-bolt. In the meantime, let's kill them.... without killing them, we won't have control.  Again this time.... they sent a sniper.. You know these people they just walk with their chests open every where, they think they are all that? they don't even care about body guards...has Mboya been cautious enough to walk with body guards, that sniper would have killed him. Let's send a sniper in town and when they go to the drug store.. make sure you pump six bullets in their stomach.. Like  a joke, Tom Mboya  aka TJ was gone. 

They killed a guy  who would not even hurt a fly. All he wanted  is to build Kenya. He wanted to put Kenya on top of the world... His sins were his good ideas to change the image of a poor country into a capitalized nation. There are some people who don't want to see an industrialized Kenya. Flouting that idea alone, caused Mboya his life. Lakini watu wengine some people jomoko yawa?  Why do you kill a guy like that?

Luos are known to have  have been locked out.... and they are being killed like flies for nothing but good ideas they have to make Kenya a better place.  Who would want to kill a guy like Robert Ouko? I can tell you Dr. Robert Ouko was someone even a hungry lion would want to kill meal. Even if that Lion was starving. Ouko was too innocent and harmless. But they killed him anyway.  No mercy.

Ja-luo is still acting cool  .... his hands  up in the air!  He pleads with Kenyans, guys! we can work it out, I'm not that bad... I'm not that monster you are thinking I'm.  I can prove it. Well, prove it!  This time, Ja-Luo proved it 150% that I'm only for the betterment of this country. Why do you all act greedy? Let's build Kenya. So, Raila  creeps into the monster KANU tearing it up from within. He comes up with Rainbow, pick  Kibaki up from political trash can,  fire him up, telling him you are ubwogable, don't let any body bwogi.   Kibaki runs around the country giving ubwogable promises.

I'm unbwogable, my government will be a government of unbwogable ethnic coalition. I will appoint people based on unbwogable ethnic balance. I will not discriminate, I will not hate.   I'm unbwogable, and nobody can bwogo me. I will let NARC  discuss house to appoint people  who will run my government.  The constitution will be ready in 100 days, and Raila Agwambo will be the Prime Minister. I have said it. I'm unbwogable. This time,  Ja-Luo  is tricked real good.. this looks like the mother of all  tricks. 

Let's do a memorandum of understanding, let's remove Moi from power,  and then every Kenyan  ethnic shall be appointed equally based on their ethnic representation. Raila says" what the heck ?" let's do it.....Luhyas, my brothers from the coast, Akambas ..etc everybody came together.. another betrayal in a broad day light. From the day Kibaki was sworn in, I never heard of NARC summit, and I'm still figuring out who is really making  the appointments, based on ethnic balancing, because I never heard from Kibaki himself?  I know his leg is hurting, but who is in charge?

Who are these people calling the shots from the state house, I never heard of  them?  Where have they been?  Some of these  people are so powerful, NARC summit wouldn't dare touching them even with a ten foot pole.  PS' equation does not balance. It is all GEMA. Kiraitu Murungi says " We did not promise the constitution in 100 days" I just want to know he and who? was he part of the NARC summit? I have never known horns do grow in a matter of weeks. Murungi needs to shut up, and enjoy his plum, lest it is taking away from him as soon as the parliament reconvenes. MP's are watching what is going on. Kiraitu has no idea they have power over the executive. They can reject all these tribal  appointments.

Those who say let's forget about our ethnics because we are now working together,  it doesn't matter whoever is appointed  what, needs to go tell that to Harambee Stars  if it works. Simple logic! Play for Harambee Stars NARC, but  stick to your local team's membership.  Don't quit  LDP (Gor Mahia/AFC Leopards etc.) because you are now playing for Harambee stars. So is our tribes. We can't quit our tribes. We can't throw away our heritage because of a political post. We can agree to work together, but we are still members of our ethnics. We must be proud of that.

Also if so many members of one team dominates Harambee Stars, then it doen't need to be called Harambee stars, it has no meaning. There are only 12 players needed and ten of them can't be from one team. You can see it is not working.

Harrison Wayoga

Albany, GA.

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